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JRA Commercial Architecture Project
JRA Commercial Architecture Project JRA Commercial Architecture Project

HILLIARD LYONS/A Baird Company | Louisville, Ky

Hilliard Lyons, a personal trust service company, wanted to re-imagine its work environment to a more open space where employees could easily collaborate to solve their clients’ wealth management needs. JRA Architects, the architect of record for the project, worked closely with the national design architect, Gensler, to bring this vision to life in the Hilliard Lyons office. The endeavor was an interior fit-out for the entire office which occupies five full floors and three partial floors in the PNC Plaza building in Louisville, Kentucky.

We created a modern design for the suite that showcases the company’s expansive art collection. We also utilized innovative demolition techniques to remove much of the concrete in the existing space affording greater office transparency and natural light to help foster a more collaborative workplace experience. Radiused “bookend” walls mark vertical circulation components and serve to orient visitors in the complex space. A new staircase was created to connect each of the company’s floors to facilitate communication between departments located on different levels. Program elements such as open break areas and conference rooms are located immediately adjacent to the stairwells on each floor to help further support intra-office dialogue.

Collaboration and communication are integral to any successful architectural work, and JRA strives to not only employ these tools in our work, but also integrate them within each building and space we create.

Project Lead
Mark Trier, AIA, LEED AP
Direct: 502.657.5994 | Main: 502.583.4697