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Creating The Nation’s First LEED Platinum Warehouse and Distribution Center


Ecofibre U.S. Headquarters

Ecofibre – a global leader in innovative hemp technologies – recognized an opportunity to expand its embryonic U.S. operations upon the passage of legislation by Congress that loosened restrictions on hemp production. To meet the growing demand for the sustainable and medicinal properties the crop affords, a new, sustainable, multi-purpose facility was essential.

JRA proudly accepted the challenge of bringing the company’s ambitious vision to life and of helping advance one of Kentucky’s burgeoning economic industries. And we did so with SUSTAINABILITY squarely in sight.


“JRA didn’t just build a beautiful office space and manufacturing facility, they delivered the best marketing tool one could imagine. ”

Eric Wang
CEO, Ecofibre


Facilitate Expedited Design/Build Process

With a client motivated by schedule, we delivered a 50,000 square foot, multi-use building in 16 months, about half the scope’s normal timeframe.

Ensure LEED Platinum Certification

To uphold Ecofibre’s fundamental commitment to producing sustainable products, our building met the rigid standards to achieve LEED Platinum Certification, the first for any hemp processing facilities.

Conceive an Inspiring Workspace

Attracting and retaining employees is critical to the success of any business, so we built a workplace that will instill employee pride and serve as a strong appeal to recruits.

Shape the Facility as a Marketing Tool

First and foremost, we were charged with creating a landmark to welcome Ecofibre customers and prospective clients. From the exterior hemp garden, to the product showcase, to the transparent manufacturing clean rooms, to the spacious warehousing, the entire campus was shaped for customer tours.

What resulted is a transformational space for Ecofibre customers and employees alike, embodying their fundamental commitment to sustainable principles.

Flexible Workspaces

Ecofibre’s significant sales force requires a host of office styles, from large meeting spaces to smaller huddle rooms, to work most effectively.


Specialized systems were integrated to create negative- and positive-pressure rooms affording both the containment of gasses and dispersal of contaminants as needed.


Functional design principles helped shape efficient workspaces to maximize employee productivity.

Sustainable Design

Ecofibre’s U.S. headquarters has achieved LEED Platinum Certification with design features including light-channeling Solatubes, geothermal HVAC, rain water collection systems, high-volume low-speed fans, and solar panels.

The entire campus was conceived to facilitate customer tours...

The exterior hemp garden informs visitors of the farming process.

The “spine” functions as the bridge between the offices and manufacturing, but serves as a product exhibit.

Windowed manufacturing spaces provide a sense of transparency for customers.

But what really kept us motivated was

Understanding the positive economic impact our work will have on a sustainable, Kentucky-grown commodity.


“The most gratifying element of this project is knowing we created a space – integrating sustainable building principles at every turn – that will truly improve our client’s business.”

Marty Merkel
AIA, LEED AP, Principal, JRA Architects

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