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Infusing Culture into commercial spaces:

The glenview trust company headquarters

As Kentucky’s largest independent trust company with $17 billion in client assets under care, The Glenview Trust Company wanted a space it could call its own - a landmark to serve as a reminder to employees and clients alike of its 20-year commitment to providing locally based wealth management decisions in Louisville, where its roots continue to grow.

JRA partnered with The Glenview Trust Company to create a workplace environment that would amplify the company’s unparalleled financial services experience for clients and employees alike.

“JRA’s collaborative approach to architecture helped a wide range of stakeholders coalesce behind an inspired vision and resulted in a space that is uniquely reflective of our brand.”

Scott Neff
President and CEO, The Glenview Trust Company

What we set out to do

For Glenview Trust to effectively deliver complex, multi-generational wealth management solutions to its client families, we developed a space where collaboration between a wide range of financial experts could flourish.

Our selection of materials such as limestone and brick masonry helped create an exterior that communicates a sense of dependability and commitment to the Louisville market.

Through careful planning and painstaking measures, we effectively carved the space into a hillside while retaining the natural beauty of the forest-like setting.

The ability to attract and retain quality professionals is critical to fulfilling Glenview Trust’s client promise, so we created a workplace that instills a sense of pride within the organization.


Through an idyllic setting

Guests are welcomed by the beautiful natural surroundings of the grounds that continue to shape the client experience with exterior views from within.

Through collaborative workspaces

Glenview Trust’s broad range of professional insights helps deliver effective complex wealth management solutions, an important distinction for clients with multi-generational considerations.

Through displays of elegance

Wood wall and ceiling features underscore the refined residential aesthetic while Glenview Trust’s extensive art collection is prominently displayed throughout the building.

“This building is a testament to the unique brand The Glenview Trust Company has developed in the wealth management field. Elegance and comfort permeate the space to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive, white-glove client experience.”

Marty Merkel
AIA, LEED AP, Principal, JRA Architects

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