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Delivering an environment where students can thrive


Saint Xavier High School

As the only Kentucky school to have earned the U.S. Department of Education's Blue Ribbon Award four times, St. X has established itself as a premier academic and athletic power with a brand name as recognizable as any in the region.

What started as a request to create more classroom space led to a deeper, collaborative mission to transform the perception of this school and the way it engages, protects, and inspires its students and staff.


“As this was my first exposure to JRA, I can honestly say it won’t be my last. The JRA team’s ability to embrace the school, our Xaverian heritage, and to interpret the specific needs we were trying to meet is unparalleled.”

Paul D. Colistra
President, Saint Xavier High School


Elevating the Student Experience with a Light Touch

By infusing the space with light, JRA has improved the learning experience with an open, collaborative environment that better captures the spirit of the St. X brand.

Amplify the School’s Curb Appeal

St. X sought to make a statement to those approaching the campus with a more robust, dynamic, and modern exterior facade to help improve its stature in the community and establish a memorable presence.

Create a Building for Adaptive Learning

Technology-enabled classrooms and user-centered design afford St. X students an environment that provides efficient, effective, and customized learning paths to engage each student.

Improve Accessibility for All Students

Through careful consideration of space planning and design, we effectively reimagined the media center to provide a more accessible layout for students to meet or exceed ADA requirements.

We delivered an enhanced atmosphere, purposefully crafted, that fosters St. X’s mission to help students develop leadership skills, self-discipline, and the attitudes essential for higher educational success.

Improved Security

By reimagining the entire media center and its access points, we connected the stand-alone space with an adjacent structure, providing students direct access to the media center without having to exit the safety of a building.


Today’s classroom environments must fuse traditional educational practices with modern technology, and our newly designed media center offers the conveniences of digital access to books, web conferencing, and plug-and-play furnishings and devices.


To effectively create a space that reflects the needs of St. X students, JRA conducted qualitative and quantitative research, including peer-site tours, to better understand the aspects of learning that resulted in a more holistic, on-target environment for learning.

Every aspect of the new space accentuates the St. X brand while accommodating the educational needs of its students, today and beyond...

Enlarged glazing at existing openings, and monumental curtain walls in the addition, are paired with ceramic frit to provide glare-free daylighting and views.

Overlapping ceilings and soffits highlight the natural beauty of the original wood trellis ceiling, while providing optimal acoustics.

The variety of mobile, ergonomic furnishings enable pedagogical diversity, convenient adaptability, and individual comfort.

Deceptively simple exterior aluminum trim creates a collage of abstracted X’s to fuse institutional branding with the architecture.

But what made us most proud was

The ability to elevate an iconic brand by delivering a space that will serve as the educational focal point for so many young men in their journey to adulthood.


“It was so meaningful to play an integral role in shaping a progressive learning environment. This project is the embodiment of St. X’s commitment to student engagement and success.”

Ashley Meeks
KYCID, EDAC, Interior Designer, JRA Architects

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