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Grayson County Judicial Center

Grant County Judicial Center

Courthouse and judicial center designs often epitomize the principles of openness and fairness - hallmarks of our justice system - and usually serve as a point of community pride. When Grant County determined the existing justice center no longer effectively served the community’s needs due to its age and antiquated infrastructure, JRA Architects was selected to help re-imagine the facility and create a space that would last into the next century. With JRA’s deep experience in judicial and civic architecture, including many similar projects for other counties across the Commonwealth, we fused our existing institutional knowledge and insight-gleaning process to fully understand and meet the needs of the county.

We applied a “classical” design approach to the new Judicial Center as a complement to the architectural style of the former courthouse and Williamstown, Kentucky’s historic downtown district to help augment this important area in the community. The domed roof and stately columns of the new structure call to mind the architecture of ancient Rome, a civilization known for their observance of law and order. The eight-acre site selected for the new Judicial Center is positioned on a series of privately and publicly owned properties now combined as a single parcel of land. The Judicial Center design consists of two main building floor levels and a partial lower level where security was paramount.

Today the new Grant County Judicial Center is a free-standing structure consisting of approximately 48,000 square feet of programmed area, ready-made and sized to serve the needs of Williamstown and the surrounding communities well into the 22nd century.

Square footage

Williamstown, Kentucky

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