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Timothy Graviss

Vice President

Mr. Graviss facilitates all aspects of the building creation process including design, document production, construction observation, and client/contractor coordination while serving as a project manager for an extensive variety of project types.

Tim corresponds directly with the space’s end users in order to understand the unique requirements of each facility, while simultaneously ensuring proper techniques are used during the design process. He strives for continual and clear communication with the client, which facilitates successful projects.

He maintains a position on the forefront of energy efficient building design. Five of his six judicial centers received Energy Star Certification, including the Grant County Judicial Center which is the most energy efficient judicial center in Kentucky in accordance with Energy Star requirements.

Registrations and Certifications
Registered Architect: Texas #22967

Architecture Major, University of Cincinnati, 1982
Fine Arts Major, Bellarmine College, 1992
Harvard Design School, Courthouse Design, 2000
Harvard Design School, Museum Planning & Design, 2001

Contact Timothy Graviss
Direct: 502.657.5992
Main: 502.583.4697


Timothy Graviss on the Louisville Water Company Gatehouse Restoration