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Oldham County Humane Society

Oldham County Humane Society

The Humane Society protects and celebrates animals while advocating for meaningful animal welfare causes in the Oldham County community. To effectively nurture the animals in their care, a comfortable and functional space is critical, and JRA is proud to have been tapped to help bring the organization’s vision to life.

We created an adaptive design for the Humane Society that will enable the facility to expand as needed, to accommodate both the caregivers and the animals of the community. The new building is slated for approximately 24,000 square feet and will allow the Humane Society to provide proper housing and treatment centers for the animals. Included in the plans are a new animal treatment/surgery center, quarantine housing for sick animals, on-site cat housing/adoption rooms, dog adoption meet-and-greet rooms, dog kennels for service dogs in training, and a public kennel.

The proposed facility will be located on a 7.5-acre parcel of land in the heart of Oldham County with public walking trails and training areas for dogs. There is also a planned outdoor community events lawn that will cater to outdoor social gatherings such as concerts and art fairs as well as public education seminars put on by the Humane Society. This new facility will allow the organization to connect with the community in ways it simply couldn’t in the past.

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