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First Baptist Church


JRA Healthcare Architecture Project
JRA Healthcare Architecture Project JRA Healthcare Architecture Project

First Baptist Church | Richmond, Kentucky

The First Baptist Church in Richmond, Kentucky, was built in the 1830s as a one-story wooden structure. Since its inception, the church has always aspired to be a welcoming place of worship for the Richmond community. As the congregation grew, the need for a larger, more accommodating space became apparent. JRA Architects was chosen to help create a new, multi-story place of worship that would carry the congregation of 1200 people well into the next century.

We designed the sanctuary to follow a radial plan for better line of sight with seating for up to 1,200 on the main-floor level. As music has always played an integral role in the worship experience at the church, the choir performance area was developed to accommodate 120 singers along with space for the orchestra, piano and organ.

Today, the larger, modernized First Baptist Church of Richmond is situated prominently in the city while still offering the same familial and hospitable environment of its past.

Project Lead
Rob Deal, AIA, LEED AP
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