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Paducah Independent Schools Head Start

Paducah Independent Schools Head Start

Paducah Head Start is scheduled to open in spring of 2024 and will serve 320 students, ages three to five, in 16 classrooms with occupational & physical therapy, speech and sensory rooms. The single-story, 44,640-sq.ft. building is dedicated to the preschool program. It will house administrative offices, a Family Services Suite, and a homeless transitional suite. It is situated adjacent to the Tilghman High school campus and will provide hands-on learning for High School students taking early childhood courses. There is an 27,430 SF Indoor Practice Facility that will serve as an indoor recess area and training area for Paducah Tilghman High School, located across the street. The classrooms are grouped into pairs with a kitchenette and a small observation room between the classrooms. Each classroom has a dedicated toilet area and storage room. There is a Family Resource office and staff restroom dedicated to every set of four classrooms. The media center doubles as a training center for head start teachers in the region and as a training kitchen for new parents. The playground in the courtyard features a soft-play surface and is themed around the unique elements of Paducah, including the Ohio River and railroads. It is designed to be highly interactive for students, providing an engaging and educational play environment.

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Paducah, Kentucky

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